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The CLEP American Literature exam allows students who attain an adequate score to gain college credit without having to take a class. The exam contains 100 questions with a time limit of 90 minutes and an optional essay portion which includes writing two essays in 90 minutes. The first essay involves writing about a common literary theme, while the second asks you to respond to an analysis of poetry. The 100 questions will test your knowledge of particular literary works (45%-60% of the test), your ability to understand and interpret short poems and prose (25%-40%), your knowledge of the historical and social setting of specific works (10%-15%), and your familiarity with critical terms and literary devices (5%-10%). The vast amount of information you are required to know and apply for this test can be intimidating. We at Mometrix have developed a free practice test specifically for the CLEP American Literature exam with intentions to be an asset for students like you who want to succeed on test day.

CLEP American Literature Study Guide

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CLEP American Literature Study Guide

CLEP American Literature Practice Exams

Course Overview

The American Literature (with or without Essay) CLEP exam covers what a student would know after a two-semester college level course. InstantCert's course prepares you for the multiple choice portion of the exam, focusing on familiarizing students with major American authors and their works; students taking the version that includes an essay will need to prepare for the essay-writing portion using other resources.

Topics Covered in This Course

The Colonial and Early National Period (Beginnings-1830)

The Romantic Period (1830-1870)

The Period of Realism and Naturalism (1870-1910)

The Modernist Period (1910-1945)

The Contemporary Period (1945-Present)

Customer Test Results for the American Literature CLEP

191 users submitted test results since January, 2009
165 of those users reported a passing score (86%)

The following are a sample of the test results submitted by members who’ve taken the American Literature CLEP exam after using InstantCert’s study program. These are unfiltered, unedited results and this list is automatically updated to show the ten most recent results:

March 8, 2018User  passedwith a score of 52
February 17, 2018User  passedwith a score of 53
February 15, 2018User  passedwith a score of 54
February 12, 2018User  passedwith a score of 53
February 10, 2018User  passedwith a score of 55
January 30, 2018User  passedwith a score of 51
January 12, 2018User  passedwith a score of 58
December 27, 2017User  passedwith a score of 70
December 19, 2017User  passedwith a score of 50
December 11, 2017User  passedwith a score of 70

Free Sample Questions For The American Literature CLEP

Get a taste of the InstantCert study experience with five actual flashcards pulled from our database. Remember, you're not expected to know anything about the subject beforehand. Just read the question, think about what the answer might be (typing it is optional), and then click "Continue" when you're ready to see the answer and explanation.

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